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Shooting Training Shotgun Basic Level

Course description

We highlight the important differences between the sport shooting (IPSC) and the combat/ defense - tactical shotgun shooting. 

These include the four basic skills of shooting, as well as safe handling with the SL ( self loading) shotgun and the pump shotgun in a 360 ° environment. 

The seminar participant learns the control over the withdrawal of his weapon and the tactical correction of any possible interference.

These tactics make it difficult for a criminal / an assassin / a terrorists to complete an attack.

In the seminar, readiness and safety positions as well as the achievement of control positions are taught.


This course is recommended for beginners and shooters without previous Modern Isosceles training.



  • The 4 safety rules for the safe handling of firearms

  • The Seven Principles of Self-Defense (after Jeff Cooper)

  • Mindset (mental readiness to fight)


  • Positioning the magazine pouches, the cartridge dispenser, the knee pads  and the sling

Practical shooting education

Seminar: Defense Shotgun SG1

  • The 4 basic skills of shooting.

  • The modified Modern Isocecles - basic position, weapon and movements

  • Determination of the dominant eye - a test

  • Natural Point of Aim / NPOA - (the natural target point)

  • The 2 Eyes on target shooting principle (shooting with both eyes open)

  • Correct bending and trigger control

  • OODA Loop - (Col. John Boyd's - Cycle)

  • Standby and backup positions with the shotgun

  • Handling the shotgun in the 360 ° environment

  • Robust and stress-resistant weapon handling, charge level control

  • Shooting from the standard free and supportive position

  • The fast accurate first shot

  • Use of the weapon carrying belt as a shooting belt

  • Quick reloading and changing of types of ammunition - dry exercise

  • Shoot at different targets with different ammunition Shooting on different targets with different ammo

  • Change from standard shooting position - standing - to kneeling - squatting - lying - covering - positions

  • Shooting rhythm and the development of fast range-related shot sequences

  • Target identification (detection) and firing of various targets at different distances of 3 -50 meters

  • Grid of fire - drill

  • Fast and precise elimination of the threat from 3 to 50 meters

  • Recognizing and eliminating weapons disruptions

  • Shoot out of the cover and screen

  • Shoot on strongly uneven ground

  • Shooting from the movement

  • One-handed shotgun shooting with strong hand

  • One-handed shotgun shooting with the weak hand

  • 9 hole shotgun drill


  • Shot image evaluation and error analysis

  • Shotgun cleaning: disassembling, cleaning, assembling the weapon

  • An evening grill BBQ / dinner together/cool down


Seminar: Defense Shotgun SG1

The equipment must be provided by the participant himself.


Weapons and technology:

  • Shotgun / (repeater shotgun) - auto shutter - semi-automatic shotgun cal. 12/70 - 12/76

  • normal metal sight or red dot sight / iron sight or red dot

  • 450 slugs - 400 trap - 250 buckshot (00) - factory ammunition

Details on the loan of firearms and ​Pre-order of ammunition can be found here >>>


  • Semi - automatic shotgun / box magazine - minimum 3 magazines, magazine pouches, magazine holsters

  • Weapon sling. The best would be a 2 point or 3 point sling.

  • Knee pads. If you like, you can also use elbow pads.

  • Chest righ if available

  • Range bag, a backpack, a bipod, or similar as a weapon pad

  • Flashlight with trouser clip or holster - and a sturdy safety leash for the wrist

  • Attention! Your clothes can get wet and dirty


The basic equipment for each of our seminars can be found here >>>

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