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Shooting Training Carbine Master Level

Course description

Also in the fire fight with the rifle mindset, the mental readiness for the fight, is one of the most important criteria.

Only the mental readiness allows a controlled, tactically effective and fast defensive fire with the carbine. This is what the trainee learns in this seminar. He applies the defensive fire from the movement and the rotation in various situations.

Proactive (tactical) reload, reactive reload known as speed reload or emergency reload, injured reload, these operations are designed to be mastered automatically.

We are training:

Shooting with the carbine from special positions, such as kneeling, lying and sitting.
Shooting from special positions like SBU prone - reverse rollover -supine - broke back prone. These tactical positions allow the combat shooters to finish the firefight victoriously, especially in extreme situations.


This seminar builds on the C2 Advanced - Carbine course and is for the very advanced riflemanwith the Modern Isosceles training.

The successfully passed HRT seminar Carbine C2: Advanced is required.



  • The 4 safety rules for the safe handling of firearms

  • Mindset (mental readiness to fight)


  • Positioning the magazine pouches, the knee pads, the elbow pads, the sling, the radio / headset

  • Handling of the radio and headset; the instructor commands are partly done via the radio - (R)

  • Partial tactical gloves are used in the master seminars.

Practical shooting education

Seminar: Defense Carbine C3

  • Correct bending and trigger control, dot drill without time limit

  • Closed eyes carbine and mag loading and unloading drill

  • OODA Loop - (Col. John Boyd's - Cycle) 

  • Be prepared and secured positions with the carbine   - (R) 

  • Handling with the carbine in a 360 ° environment - (R) 

  • FASTTTT (after the Wyatt protocol) 

  • Communication, positioning and movement in the defense situation 

  • Target identification and decision processes, carbine stress time limit - drill 

  • Detecting and eliminating weapon disruptions, malfunctions and stress in various positions - drill - (R)

  • Closed eyes malfunctions eliminations - drill 

  • Two-armed / one-armed shooting on uneven ground and standing on one leg - after command with time limit - (R)

  • Proactive (tactical)reload, reactive reload, injured reload, emergency reload 

  • One-armed shooting and weapons manipulation and continuation of the defense after a wound - (R)

  • Fast multiple target shooting - shooting from free and supported positions to different targets at different distances - (R)

  • Change from the standard shooting position standing to the special shooting positions - kneeling - squatting - sitting - lying - covering - (R)

  • Shooting multiple targets into special positions - SBU prone - reverse rollover - supine - broke back prone

  • HRT carbine / rifle special positions shooting

  • Triple threat carbine drill

  • Strong / weak arm carbine shooting and stress drill - (R)

  • 1/2 & 1/2 carbine drill

  • Shooting on the move to multiple targets - (R)

  • Shooting from straight ( linear) and lateral movement - (R)

  • Shooting from the rotation (shooting from the spin and turn movement) - (R)

  • Shooting to multiple targets - (R)

  • Triple 9-hole carbine drill 

  • Shooting and reloading with tactical gloves 

  • Carbine chaos drill - ( Kyle Lamb ) 

  • No mercy drill - (Joe Betge)

  • Close quarter, carbine shooting - range 0-3m transition from unarmed self-defense toweapon use - (R)

  • Weapon access in the ongoing confrontation 

  • Last man standing - extreme drill (Joe Betge) - (R)

  • No light / low Light - shooting with tactical flashlights, shooting techniques with the hand-held LED white light flashlight


  • Shot image evaluation and error analysis 

  • Weapon cleaning:  disassembling, cleaning, assembling the weapon

  • Equipment: a holster, magazine pouches, shooting glasses, hearing protection, a lamp,  ammunition

  • An evening grill/ dinner together/cool down


Seminar: Defense Carbine C3

The equipment must be provided by the participant himself.


Weapons and technology:

  • Carbine caliber from (5.45x39) - (.223 Rem / 5.56 x 45 NATO) to (.308 Win / 7.62 x 51 NATO) normal metal sight or red dot sight

  • The following weapon systems and their clones are admitted to the seminar: System AR 15 - System Kalashnikov - System H & K G3 and G36 - System SIG 55X

  • 1200 rounds of factory ammunition

Details on the loan of firearms and ​Pre-order of ammunition can be found here >>>


  • Minimum 4 magazines, magazine pouches/holsters, a weapon sling. The best would be a 2 point or 3 point sling. 

  • Knee pads. Optionally elbow pads. 

  • Chest righ if available

  • Range bag, a backpack, a bipod, or similar as a weapon pad 

  • Flashlight with trouser clip or holster and a sturdy safety leash for the wrist

  • Attention! Your clothing can get wet and dirty.


The basic equipment for each of our seminars can be found here >>>

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