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Shooting Training Carbine Advanced Level

Course description

Fire fight and tactics with the SL rifle - self-loading rifle as a primary weapon.
The tactical handling of the carbine is intensified in different scenarios.
Depending on the situation, even in case of a personal injury, the seminar participant learns to remain stress-resistant and tactically capable of acting. The communication in the team / a small unit, positioning and movement as well as the aggressive opening of defensive fire in a defensive position is tactically established.


This seminar builds on the C1 Basic - Carbine course and is for the advanced marksman with the Modern Isosceles training.



  • The 4 safety rules for the safe handling of firearms

  • Mindset (mental readiness to fight)


  • Positioning the magazine pouches, the knee pads, the elbow pads, the sling, the radio /headset

  • Handling the radio and the headset: The instructor commands are partly done via the radio (R). The HRT Academy will make them available to seminar participants free of charge for the seminar.

Practical shooting education

Seminar: Defense Carbine C2

  • Correct bending and trigger control, dot drill without time limit

  • Closed eyes carbine and mag loading and unloading drill

  • OODA Loop - (Col. John Boyd's - Cycle)

  • Be prepared and secured positions with the carbine   - (R)

  • Handling with the carbine in a 360 ° environment - (R)

  • FASTTTT (after the Wyatt protocol)

  • Communication, positioning and movement in the defense situation

  • Target identification and decision processes, carbine stress time limit - drill

  • Detecting and eliminating weapon disruptions, malfunctions and stress in various positions - drill - (R)

  • proactive (tactical)reload, reactive reload, injured reload, emergency reload - (R)

  • Shooting with the weak arm

  • Two-armed / one-armed shooting on uneven ground and standing on one leg

  • Shooting from the changing cover and screen

  • Shooting from free and supported positions

  • Change from standard shooting position to kneeling, crouching, sitting, lying, coverage  positions - (R)

  • special positions - SBU prone - reverse rollover - supine - broke back prone

  • HRT Carbine - rifle special positions shooting

  • Strong / weak arm carbine shooting and stress drill - (R)

  • 1/2 & 1/2 carbine drill

  • Carbine chaos drill - ( Kyle Lamb )

  • No mercy drill - (Joe Betge) - (R)

  • Triple 9-hole carbine drill

  • Triple threat carbine drill


  • Shot image evaluation and error analysis

  • Weapon cleaning: disassembling, cleaning, assembling the weapon

  • Equipment: a holster, magazine pouches, shooting glasses, hearing protection, a lamp, ammunition, a sling, a bipod, optics

  • An evening grill/ dinner together/ cool down


Seminar: Defense Carbine C2

The equipment must be provided by the participant himself.


Weapons and technology:

  • Carbine caliber from (5.45x39) - (.223 Rem / 5.56 x 45 NATO) to (.308 Win / 7.62 x 51 NATO) normal metal sight or red dot sight

  • The following weapon systems and clones are admitted to the seminar:
    System AR 15 - System Kalashnikov - System H & K G3 and G36 - System SIG 55X

  • 1000 rounds of factory ammunition

Details on the loan of firearms and ​Pre-order of ammunition can be found here >>>


  • Minimum 4 magazines, magazine pouches, a magazine holster

  • Sling weapon strap (best would be a 2 point or 3 point sling)

  • knee pads

  • Chest righ if available

  • Range bag, a backpack, a bipod, or similar as a weapon pad

  • Attention! Your clothing can get wet and dirty.


The basic equipment for each of our seminars can be found here >>>

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