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Ballistic Shield Operator

Course description

The High Risk Academy teaches the seminar participants the most effective ballistic shield tactics for offensive situations.


CQB - (Close Quarter Battle) and anti - terrorist intervention using a ballistic shield, a ballistic blanket, a ballistic briefcase.


The training is specifically designed for law enforcement operations, military SOF and patrolling officers - High Risk Close Protection Operator / Civilian Contractor and PMC.

The seminar is based on MFSS / LEFSS system tactics.


The participation requires at least the respective Advanced seminars of a given weapon.

  • P2: Advanced "Tactical Defense Pistol"

  • C2: Advanced "Tactical Defense Carbine"

  • The ECQB seminar is highly recommended.


This seminar is suitable for professionals in the field:

  • Military

  • Law enforcement

  • PMC - Private Military Contractor

  • High Risk Civilian Contractor

  • High Risk Close Protection Operator



  • The 4 safety rules for the safe handling of firearms

  • NIJ threat levels ( NIJ National Institute of Justice) development and evaluation agency of the US Department of Justice.

  • Mindset (mental readiness to fight).

  • Introduction of the ballistic shield

  • Design features


  • Fixing the holster / thigh holster, magazine pouches, knee pads, gloves, chest righ if available, a sing, a flashlight, a radio / headset, a training knife.

  • Handling the radio and the headset. The instructor commands are partly done in this seminar via the radio (R) .

  • The HRT Academy will make this available to the seminar participants free of charge for the seminar.

  • Partial tactical gloves are used in the Master and ECQB seminars.

  • Training knives and various tools are provided by the HRT Academy

Practical training

  • Single and team based ballistic shield tactics

  • Ready gun position

  • Handling the handgun

  • Live fire shield exercises

  • Reloading and stopping - drills

  • Proper handling and using of the shield

  • Dynamic elements of access / counter-attack / defense and evasion tactics

  • Room entry / room clearing, hallway clearing techniques

  • High risk hostage rescue tactics

  • CQB - injured rescue tactics

  • Close protection tactics

  • ECQB - extreme tactics

  • Shooting on the move / forward and rearward

  • Shooting from the rotation

  • Change from standard shooting position standing to special position - kneeling - crouching - sitting - lying

  • Shooting multiple targets in special positions - SBU prone - reverse rollover - supine - broke back brone

  • Officer down drills

  • Less lethal shield team tactics

  • Force on force scenarios

  • Prevention of surprise attacks

  • Weapon security during the fight

  • Reaching control positions


  • Shot image evaluation and error analysis

  • Weapon cleaning: disassembling, cleaning, assembling the weapon

  • Equipment: a holster, magazine pouches, shooting glasses, hearing protection, a lamp, ammunition, a ballistic shield

  • Cool down / an evening BBQ / dinner together


Seminar: Tactical Ballistic Shield Operator / Anti Terror Intervention

The equipment must be provided by the participant himself.


Weapons and technology:

  • All weapons are normal metal sights - red point sights / iron sight or red dot / Laser sights approved !!!

  • Pistol from 9x19 para - Pistol - 500 rounds factory ammunition

  • Carbine caliber of (5.54x39) - (.223 Rem / 5.56 x 45 NATO) to (.308 win / 7.62 x 51 NATO) - carbine - 500 rounds

  • Minimum 4 magazines per weapon, a magazine holder

  • Training knife if available

Details on the loan of firearms and ​Pre-order of ammunition can be found here >>>


  • Weapon sling . The best would be a 2 point or 3 point sling.

  • Knee pads. If you like, you can also use elbow pads.

  • Chest righ if available

  • Gloves

  • Range bag, a backpack, a bipod, or similar as a weapon pad

  • Flashlight with trouser clip or holster and a sturdy safety leash for the wrist

  • Attention! Your clothing can get wet and dirty


The basic equipment for each of our seminars can be found here >>>

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